My daughter has asserted, firmly, that I must mumble about our trip.  In return, I said that if she wanted to format these trivial remarks with pictures or put them in a blog, she should.  And here is the result of those offhand comments.

If you want to know WHERE we were, you could use Google Maps, or buy some printed ones.  I will merely include a few clues.

The tale really begins when we headed down Church Street on June 22, 2010, leaving our 20-year home in Elora for life as drifters and layabouts, headed for points west.

I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings about our journey.


Note: All images and text on this blog are copyright of the author, unless specifically credited.

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  1. Ted and Lorna Krawchuk says:

    Hello John and Elaine,
    We’re friends of Louise’s from St. Cuthbert’s Church. Thank you for giving in to your pushy daughter! You’ve made a great start to a record of this journey. We are campers as well, but our longest trip away was for 2 months. So far, we’re able to follow you in our minds, as we’ve made similar stops. Once you get into the US and head down that west coast, we’ll be turning green with envy.

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