June 2012 – A Triumph For Democracy

I had resolved not to add anything else to this blog.  Our travels are over, except for routine trips that nobody wants to hear about.  But I am smug.  Elaine says that I am difficult when complaining, but quite impossible when I am smug!

We were turned back at the Canadian border in our US-rented car last January, and I was incensed.   This was obvious nonsense, so I did make some noises with my M.P. and elsewhere.   The family, and others, pointed out that these things cannot be changed.

Aha!   June 1, 2012 is a propitious day.  The following news item was in the Globe and Mail last week:


“No longer will Canadians be turned back at their border when driving a vehicle rented in the United States.  A June 1 change to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act will allow Canadian residents to import a U.S.-rented vehicle for up to 30 days for non-commercial purposes.”


So, thank you Michael Chong, M.P., and anyone else who helped make this change.   It was accomplished without demonstrations, picket signs or threats of serious actions!

We are proud to be Canadian!!

John (approved by Elaine!)

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