April 2012 – Home, With Some Border Fun

We purchased a “Transit Permit” for the trailer in Uvalde, which made our journey home legal.  Five dollars!!    For the first time we came directly home from Fort Clark Springs, though we did allow an extra day or two for unexpected delays (snow?).

Carpets of Bluebonnets

 It was a journey of endless Spring, and the Texas bluebonnets and other flowers were magnificent on the road through the Hill Country.


The Bald Eagle Was Not At Home

The clump of twigs in the tree in the background is the nest of a Bald Eagle, but we did not see the actual bird at this brief stop.

 Uneventful and sometimes boring drives took us to DeGray Lake State Park in Arkansas.  This is on the edge of the Ozarks, and both convenient and magnificent, so we used up one of our “contingency nights”.   Then into Missouri, and a real find in Caruthersville – a cheap and well-equipped park on the shores of the Mississippi, next to a moored boat that is now a casino.   A lovely walk by Old Man River, and we won a few dollars too!

 A few days later we lined up for an hour to get into Canada Customs, and predictably had another hour or so of paperwork, and yet another hour for a thorough search of the trailer (which is routine for a “new vehicle”).  Nothing turned up in our dirty washing, and we now have someone to blame if a sock is missing.   We knew it would then need an inspection (at Canadian Tire), but before this you have to go on-line, armed with your Form 1, and print a Form 2.   I did try, but the Form 2 caper takes some time, and needs a printer. 

 Finally we made it home to Fergus, but the next day had to do the Canadian Tire bit.  All OK, and I trotted down to Service Ontario to get my licence plate.    No luck.  There was no weight shown on the Kentucky “Title”, and they could not accept the weight on the Form 2, since this was a Federal form and Ontario has its own procedures.    Back to the trailer, hitched up again and took it to the scale at the “Metal Recycling Depot” (this was called the “scrapyard” in the old days).   Finally – the plate, and the sticker to prove that we are totally legitimate.

 The whole thing was tiresome, and made more so by being charged taxes on the whole value, rather than what we actually paid (with the trade in).  In fairness, the customs folk were polite and doing their job.  It is the background legislation which afflicts us.

Wind, Snow and a Fallen Fance
Welcome Home!

Most of this messing about took place in freezing winds, and everyone told us how warm it had been in March.   Now it was the end of April.   The builders’ fence blew down in the howling gale, and the landscaping has not started!

April 24, and Still Clearing Snow

While we have underground parking, our neighbour had to do things the traditional Canadian way.

Blossoms Enhanced With Snowflakes

 So we look out at the blossom trees, which were terrific yesterday, and hope they will survive the return of winter.  We fondly believe the snow will soon melt, and likely not reappear again until September or so.

This might be the end of our adventures, and I will only add to this blog if something significant or hilarious happens.  Maybe the Americans will not let the trailer in next time, because it has been Canadianized?


Welcome Home to Highland Hills

Enjoy the summer!

 John (with the usual edits by Elaine) 

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One Response to April 2012 – Home, With Some Border Fun

  1. Vi says:

    Well that was exciting . A great adventure for sure.That is what keeps you young. I am glad you had safe journeys. Love Vi

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