February 13 to March 24, 2012 – Family and Fun

I usually try to document “things that went wrong”, knowing these make everyone else feel better.    Hence the long silence:  no bad news other than the odd recalcitrant water heater, a few loose nuts and bolts and many missed golf shots.

Healthy Meal — Maybe not

But there were fried oysters at Rockport, and more at Galveston.  The latter were shared with Louise, and grandchildren Alexandra (now 12) and K. (almost 10 at the time).  They came down for a week of fun and sun (plus some fog!).

Both Louise and I took some pictures, but Alexandra did the best job, producing a video that captured not just the pictures, but the whole spirit of life in and around Galveston.  So turn up the sound for some appropriate music, reach for the mouse, and click on:



Elaine,Fiona, Gary and Candice at Fort Clark

After Galveston we parked our bucket-of-bolts at Fort Clark Springs – one of our favourite Texas haunts.  We had nicely settled in when our other daughter, Fiona, arrived with son-in-law Gary and Harley’s “significant other”, Candice.  They were on their way from South Mexico and this was about half way to home in Ontario.  (Harley is well, but had to return earlier so as to roast some more of those Planet Bean coffee beans!)

Candice Has a Rapport WIth Horses

They seemed to enjoy their couple of days with us, and we had a fun time at the Fort Clark Festival, plus a game on the Par-3 course and walks in the beautiful areas around the creek.  Candice and Fiona went swimming in the so-called hot-spring pool.  It is a spring, and very big, but hot it is not, being around 65F year round.  The ladies said it seemed warmer than that, but with my heart condition I won’t risk it! 

 As I write this we are almost ready to leave, planning on an April 2 arrival in Fergus.   We do, of course, have to cross the border, and convince the Customs folk that we should be allowed to bring in our trailer.   Stay tuned!

 One final piece for this posting.   One or two of you have asked for a visual tour of our trailer, so here goes. (Exit now if you could not care less … or have a 40-foot trailer of your own).


Wildcat Dining Area

The dining room is in the bit that slides out, and seats four in reasonable comfort.   It is actually quite handy being near the fridge and the kitchen area.

Two Sinks, Real Oven, and Microwave

In this model the kitchen is at the rear, which deprives you of a back window.  However there is a big skylight and the whole design of the cooking area works well.

Living Area – Left Side

 The living room has a sofa which makes into a double bed on the “slide-out” side. This  has an air mattress with a built in pump.  But ours had some leaks, and despite valiant efforts by Louise, Gary and Fiona (with advice from me) we gave up and ditched it.

Living Area – Right Side

On the other side is a love-seat which can be considered as a bed for a smaller person.  Storage is enhanced by having areas under the sofa and bed that hold a surprising amount of stuff.  Outside lockers are not so good on rainy nights. 

 The “entertainment centre” houses the usual stuff, and a host of wires and chargers that afflict all of us these days.  Many parks have cable-TV but near urban areas like Houston you can pick up over 20 off-air channels, and several of these are in HD.

Handy Bathroom Facilities

 The shower is quite reasonable, and much more convenient than trying the “public showers” in various parks. 

Separate and Real Ceramic!

It is also convenient to have a private toilet, especially on dark wet nights!!


The Bed is Queen Size and Comfortable

The second “slide-out” is in the bedroom, and this means a queen-size bed that you can actually walk around (just!).  In essence we are comfortable, with good central heating, vented air conditioning, and enough room for relaxation.  Then there is the outside where I can barbecue!

  John (with the usual help from Elaine)

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One Response to February 13 to March 24, 2012 – Family and Fun

  1. Vi says:

    Hi I’m glad to hear from you. I enjoyed the video and your post and pics. I see you had visitors with you for awhile that was a great time had by all. I see you will soon be home. We have had the most wonderful 3 weeks ever. It was up to 34 one day and mostly in high 20’s and sun, sun, sun.I lived on the deck. I have never known a march like it. we are going to have it cool now for a couple of days just to welcome in summer…or at least close to it., Have a safe trip and waiting to see you home.. Love Vi

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