The Price of Being Canadian

Sorry there are no pictures this time, but I dared not take any!

I said that things were running smoothly (i.e. boring), so not worth a mention on this blog.  That was our first mistake.

 We went down to Port Huron, Michigan for an overnight, to renew the car rental, do some shopping, and research some customs details for when we bring our trailer up in April.   This was our second mistake.  We should have stayed home.

 It started well, up to heading back for Canada, when I was heard to remark, “Well, that went smoothly … mission accomplished”.  Third and fatal mistake.

 Canada Border Protection would not let us in!!   Well … they would let us in, but not the rental car.  Canadians cannot bring a US rental car into Canada:  you have to be American, British, Iraqi, or something other than Canadian.  “You’re joking,” I protested, “we have rented before with no problems.”

Not funny at all.  He gave us five minutes to depart, and I found out later that failure to do so could result in the car being send to the crusher.  (Try explaining that to the care rental guy!)   On our sad return to Michigan, I had to explain to the US Border Protection guy why I was going back to the States.  “You’re joking,” he said. “I will never understand Canadians.”  We agreed. 

Apparently we were supposed to rent a car in Canada, though the price was exorbitant,  the companies would not pick us up in the USA, and then said they didn’t actually have any cars available anyway. Sadly, after returning the uncrushed car to the even sadder rental guy, we retraced our steps in a hugely expensive taxi, took the train to Guelph, and called in a favour from the grand-kids for a ride to Fergus.  It could be worse, and our neighbour chipped in with car loans around town.  Indeed we may have the last laugh.  If the blizzard of the century hits on January 31, we think the train has a better chance of getting us back to Michigan than that Hyundai mini-car.  Then it’s back to the Amtrak Texas Eagle and eventually the warmth of South Texas and our “home from home”.

 Happy January, folks.  Be careful how you travel on these fun vacations – a neighbour lost her purse, and a friend had a full strip search on her carefree holiday.  My cousin June is going on a Mediterranean cruise, but with a different company from the one that had the wreck!

John (sighed over by Elaine)

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2 Responses to The Price of Being Canadian

  1. Violet says:

    Well John and Elaine….I don’t know what to say except.only you could get through this.. One thing about it your holidays are exciting ..I do hope you are writing a book.. I am putting all of mine down to go over when I get bored.It will be very pleasant I think…I share with all the neighbors about your trip and they can hardly wait till I tell them about the next part.. Take care and I miss you.. Love Vi

  2. Vi says:

    Well that was interesting to say the least. It is good that you both are good travelers you know the ropes..I will be seeing you before you leave…Love Vi

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