Not too cold … yet

For the last decade or so I have chronicled all the “bad things” that happened in the year and spread these around friends and relatives (some are both!).   Not the really tragic events –just those that offset all the syrupy newsletters about perfect children, happy homes, and cars that never failed to start!    Since we retired, our lives have become simpler, and perhaps less amusing.  This could change … tomorrow!


Winter from our Condo Balcony

This brief message is just to reassure loyal blog followers that we made it back to Canada as planned, and the weather is bearable so far.  This is for the best, since the little car we rented is unlikely to perform well in any depth of snow.  We both caught bad colds, but there again, so did most people … ‘tis the season.   The view out of our condo has changed, and grey skies, leafless trees and snowy fields are now the norm.  It is raining today, which adds to the joy of those building the second condo block, and spreads more mud on all the approach roads.  But the tree and some decorations lead us to believe that Christmas will soon be here, with the big family bash on Boxing Day.


Ella -- Our Great Granddaughter

We already had one family get together, and we met Beau’s “significant other”, Rebecca, and their charming daughter, Ella.   She is our great grand-daughter, which makes us feel exceptionally old.   The announcement of this event has been delayed, and this is best explained by the new grandma, Fiona.  She says that “It’s complicated”!    For those who like family pictures, there are some more at the bottom.

 Hopefully our new trailer (and the truck) will be safe in their Texas field, and we plan to reunite them with us at the end of  January.  This, of course, assumes that the Amtrak “Texas Eagle” train will make it out of Chicago through whatever blizzards occur.   I called in to Canada Customs to see if they could expedite the paperwork to make our trailer a bona fide Canadian machine.  No luck … they wanted to see the beast, so that bureaucratic nightmare will be postponed until our return in April.   Since we cannot “import” it, we cannot put a licence plate on it.  I asked the Canada Customs guy how he might solve this.  “I dunno,” he replied, “I’m federal … licence plates are Provincial … talk to Service Ontario.”  I did, and they did not know either

 One or two people have expressed a wish to peek inside our trailer, and this means I might have to remember to take the camera, and then perhaps inflict another boring message on you in February or so.   Of course there is always the possibility of a Hollywood-sized raft of adventures between now and then, with more bad things happenings to us … all organized for your amusement.   In the meantime, it seems highly appropriate to wish everyone who cares …

 Merry Christmas … and a Happy New Year


A Condo-sized Tree

John, with the usual help from Elaine 

Footnote:  If you cannot stand children stop right now … these are some more family pictures:

Our Step-Great-Grandson Easton, with Mark and Ashley

Rebecca, Beau, Ella and Fiona

And then there is the “Proud Dad”


Ella and Beau



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One Response to Not too cold … yet

  1. Chick and Juanita says:

    Enjoyable reading as usual. However, my real comment is regarding the picture of little Ella…..she absolutely should have been named Elaine. The resemblance is remarkable! Hugs to you both!

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