Into November 2011, and still kicking

We did manage to trade our trailer for the newer one, but not without a struggle.   The dealer was late finishing the little jobs we had negotiated, and it was 4.p.m. before we could start “moving house”.

 It rained … and then poured down … and then bucketed down.  Barrel of fun, but eventually we moved our surprisingly large amount of odds and ends into the new trailer.  We had a mouse in the “old trailer”, but unless it hitch-hiked on our possessions, I guess it is now a Kentucky mouse.

 The bureaucracy is incredible, but the real gotcha is the insurance.  Ontario cannot insure the new trailer until it is “plated” in Ontario.  The Americans cannot insure it unless we have an American residence.  While Elaine is concerned, I find it kinda fun.   I guess the fun stops if someone steals the trailer, eh? 

 Around 9.p.m. we drove off in mist and rain to our nearby campsite and vowed “Never again”.  In retrospect, we always said this when we moved!!


There’s still coal in the West Virginia hills

A series of new but minor challenges, and then our maiden voyage.  Past the giant Ashland oil refinery, and down the edge of West Virginia and its coal fields.  Vast terraces where the coal was mined for the giant power stations on the Ohio River.  Spectacular, but hard to photograph on a winding and hilly road.

 This took us into a small corner of Virginia, and more hills as we approached the famous Cumberland Gap.  Thence to Tennessee, where we sought our planned campground in vain.  After climbing a hill worthy of the Rockies to the Cumberland Plateau we uncharacteristically “gave up”.  Saw a sign for “Fall Creek Falls State Park”, and took it.


Reflections at Fall Creek Falls Park, TN

Another plus for not having a GPS.  The park was stupendous … worthy of Ontario and B.C.  for scenery and Fall colours. (More pictures at the end of this posting).  We would have stayed longer but our supplies were depleted and we had to move on.  

One of many hairpins on the Cumberland Plateau

The hill we had climbed, and many more, took us up and down tortuous hairpins and eventually to the flatter land of the Tennessee Valley.  Now in the north end of Alabama, and back to the malls and strip development of Decatur.  Nice park though, and a good spot for laundry and shopping.

 After this we head for our old favourite, the Natchez Trace.  Things could become boring, unless we have the odd tornado or hurricane.  So likely no more blog entries for a while.  But we are seriously enjoying the challenges on this journey in an extended Fall, as we outrun the winter on our way to Texas.

John … with helpful comments from Elaine

A few more pictures of the wonderful Tennessee State Park on the Cumberland Plateau:

Mainly oaks on the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau

New Trailer at Fall Creek Falls Park, TN

Perfect Reflection

Fall Colours in Tennessee

Suspension Bridge at Fall Creek Falls State Park, TN


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