May 4 to June 1: The Last Word

Since we returned to Canada, our feet have rarely come close to the ground. 

Front of our new home - we are round the back

But there’s no more.  This trip has ENDED! 

Grand Entrance to Condo

In brief: the condo exceeded our expectations, and everything went relatively smoothly.  We overlapped the move by staying in the trailer for a few extra days, and this has much to recommend it.  Louise, Fiona, Gary, Harley and Candice were super-helpful. (In fairness, Beau was sick on the work-day). 

John - Looking smug because we made it home!

I am tempted to extol the virtues of Canada, but would not want to suggest to the U.S. readers that we did not enjoy our amazing travels through some exceptional country and seaside.  Everyone should make this journey:  prairies, Rockies, the West Coast, the deserts, and the exceptional land between East and West.   Most people fly over the middle, and they sure are missing out on some spectacular scenery.  The train trips were a memorable diversion.

 C’mon:  sell your little car and buy a truck and a fifth wheel hitch;  buy a trailer with some slide-outs;  put it all together and head out.  This continent can compete with anywhere in the world, and you don’t have to put up with night flights, funny food, beds that have been over-used, and obsequious hotel staff with hands ready for your dollars.   Perhaps try a shorter trip or two first to learn the ropes, and then spread out the maps and go!!  There are mountains and malls, deserts and oceans, rivers and restaurants, casinos and cruises.  This before you find your own particular niche and swing a 3-iron.

Good weather for geese and their babies

 OK … enough!  Spring and the deluge followed us into Ontario, but the goslings loved the flooded loading bays, the weather finally improved, and the flowers blossomed.

Elaine - Happy by the Grand River, Fergus

Some pictures follow to finish this fantastic trip, and perhaps show also that Fergus is not as bad as it is painted in Elora!

 Ten months in a trailer, and Elaine is still speaking to me!


Home in time for the magnolias

Elaine is NEVER smug - just happy!


Spring Flower Garden in Fergus


Magnolia Blossoms -One of Elaine's Favourite Flowers


See you on the road!

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