April 29 – May 3: Almost Home … If They Finished It.

Since we were in Ohio, we trundled up to the Cleveland area.  We stayed out of town, since large cities are not “RV-Friendly”.  It wasn’t very friendly there either, since some bad-hat noticed that fuel prices were higher, and decided to migrate most of my gasoline into their own tank.

     “Why did they steal the gas cap as well, John?” asked Elaine. 

    “Why not, and anyway, it likely had their fingerprints on it”.   The parts place asked if I wanted a lockable gas cap. “You’d better believe it,” I replied!


John, Elaine, Julie and Carol

Then we completed our journey to see our dear friend Carol in Shaker Heights, which as most people know, is one of the better suburbs.   Her daughter Julie turned up, complete with her delightful triplets … now around 15, and much the same age as when we knew Julie when we all cavorted at Ox Tongue Lake many years ago. (But relax, Julie … no details of those days will appear here, and we don’t do surnames in this blog to better protect the innocent!),

We expected a cup of tea, and instead this generous family laid on a feast.   We were also delighted that Julie’s husband Brian showed up too.   Those who know this family will appreciate that there was never a quiet moment, and tales were told about the good old days.  Elaine and I counted this visit as one of the highlights of our trip.

After this, a freeway bash in more rain to Buffalo, and I have to say that Elaine took us through that busy spot with panache.  We crossed into Canada at the Queenston bridge, and were let in without additional payment for the load of condo things we had purchased.  Indeed we were just under the limit that Customs allows.

 But enough … this is a short piece with a minimum of pictures, since all the lovely Spring flowers of Ohio were overshadowed by heavy clouds loosing many more inches of rain on the already drenched countryside.  We will take some pictures of the Ontario Spring flowers (which are similar!) when we FINISH this blog with the next posting.  

 Yes … the END.  A night at Niagara on the Lake, again in a puddle, and then we head for Wellington County, and our new home.   I threatened to write some poetry for a conclusion,  but was shouted down.  We shall see!  One more posting and we will not trouble you again.

 John, and as usual Elaine has edited my wilder ramblings.

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