Corrections to Five Still Alive

Louise has pointed out some errors and omissions in the account of the family visit to Texas, so this is to remedy the situation.   I was tempted (by Louise) to edit the existing post, but the last time I did this, it went totally strange, and I had to start the whole thing over.  So … this is the amendment and I will leave the existing account alone.

Louise did point out that the software is designed for short postings, which I took as a veiled criticism.  This until I realized that she was responsible for the majority of the long posting.  Maybe she should be in politics!



Welcome to the Menger Hotel, San Antonio

Most glaring was that the picture of the San Antonio hotel was not, in fact, the old “Menger”, but a modern one that was famous for its rapid construction.   Here is a more appropriate picture of the Menger Hotel.






K. Moving the Telescope

The McDonald telescope picture did not do it justice, and here is a better one.   K. was particularly proud of moving this 160-ton machine with his hand-held remote controller.






New National Park Junior Rangers

I tried to insert a picture of the two grandchildren being “sworn in” as U.S. National Park Junior Rangers, but this disappeared down some bloggy hole, and didn’t make it.



Pecos Canyon and Road Bridge

Then there was a picture of the Pecos Canyon, which also dropped out of sight … perhaps into Mexico or somewhere.


 Anyway … my apologies, and I hope I have made amends.  Any of you long suffering blog readers can feel free to criticize at any time, but praise works better (as most of you know!)

 As a news piece:  all being well we will be moving into our new condo on May 18, and will actually returning to the Fergus area around May 5.  Some of you have shown concern that we may be homesick, or otherwise fed up with living in a trailer.  Sleep soundly:  it is currently 31C and sunny.  The air-conditioner works, and my worst chore is barbecuing some ribs, Texas-style.


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