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Dec. 3 to Dec.14: Silence, and more, at Big Bend, Texas

    No sound.  That’s right … NONE.   No cars, no trains, no planes, no buzzes, bumps and passing hip-hop.  This is not the only attraction at Big Bend National Park, but it is becoming truly rare to listen hard, … Continue reading

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Nov. 27 – Dec. 3 – Bisbee Coffee, Columbus Cactus and Alpine Warmth

A wrench leaving Patagonia Lake, but a short and spectacular drive through Sierra Vista to Bisbee and beyond.   Here another apology is needed, since this posting is heavy on history and you can dig into the links for even more … Continue reading

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November 14-26: Tucson, Patagonia Lake and The Elegant Trogon

    We had a much-needed “housekeeping stop” at Desert Trails RV Park in Tucson.  This was our very first stop in Arizona when we started our winter wanderings twelve years ago.          Some changes, but Pericles … Continue reading

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November 8-13: Deserts and The Big River That Was

While the California Central Valley is interesting, we heard the call of the desert winds.   But first we had to climb out of the valley, and this was up a surprising grade.  Not as high as the Kicking Horse Pass … Continue reading

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