October 15: Thoughts for a New Home

We braved the phenomenal construction on the Trans Canada Highway to visit Ikea in New Westminster.  I hate shopping, but find these stores to be the exceptions, especially when we visit their restaurants for a light lunch, and buy some goodies “to go”!

 The idea about Ikea was to gain some input to our furniture decisions for the condo.  We tried out chairs, looked at computer desks and shelves, and while we did not make any decisions, we are getting closer.  Of course, anything in the New Westminster store will likely be available in Ontario.

 We dodged most of the rush-hour traffic, and were feeling fairly upbeat until we discovered that our exit from the Trans Canada was closed.  This caused us to take a massive diversion, with predictably heavy traffic, but we did finally reach our temporary home in Surrey.

 No pictures today … when you have seen one Ikea you have seen them all!   I did think of stopping on the Fraser River bridge for a picture of the river, but Elaine said that this would be a dangerous idea!!


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