October 8 and 9: Rain … and More Rain

When you hear a “Rain Warning” on a Vancouver radio station, you pay attention.   It  comes down in vertical sheets for hours, and with no wind.   That changed around 2.a.m., and the awning started to make ominous noises as the wind blew in from Hawaii or somewhere.   Ignoring this was not an option, as I found when Elaine shook me awake.

 I have said before, awnings are the invention of the devil, and when we came back into the trailer, we realized that Noah had a point.   Sell the trailer and buy a boat!

 After we dried out, I rashly volunteered to post some blatherings on the blog, and Louise patiently coaxed me through yet another minefield of computer software.  If things look strange, you can blame me for the next while.  But hopefully Louise will find the time she invested teaching me will pay off, and she can return to slaying the dragons and alligators in ol’ Toronto.


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