October 4 – Chores and Tales – Life Could be Worse

One of those days that you need now and again: housekeeping!

 But one can chat to neighbours, and realize that life could be a lot worse!

 The German woman was in tears.  They had saved up for over twenty years for their dream trip to Canada.  They rented an RV for two weeks, and went to Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise and other mountain magical spots.  It rained the whole time, and they never saw a mountain.

 The lady from Tasmania had made the long, long flights to Vancouver, and joined her cruise ship to Alaska, via the spectacular outer shores of Vancouver Island.  The sea was so rough that the ship had to turn round and make the inside passage instead.  She was seasick, the fog obscured the whole shoreline to Alaska and back, and she observed that it really wasn’t worth the time and money!

 Today I chatted with a lady walking her dog.  She drove the truck with the big arrow on the back when a lane was closed for construction.  Sitting there parked, she was suddenly thrown in the air as a BMW ignored all the signs and ran into her at an estimated 200Kph.  She is now in rehab for various stresses and strains, and she vows never to return to that job!   I asked if the BMW guy was charged.  “Well no,” she replied, “ since he was dead … but they did establish that he was completely out of it with alcohol and drugs.”

 So we consider ourselves fortunate to be having a great time.  We did see the mountains, there have been some days without rain, and the crazies have so far avoided hitting us (sometimes by only inches!).


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