October 11,12,13: Nothing Exciting, but Some Tree Tales

We are thoroughly enjoying our life in Surrey, BC, but you do not want to hear about everyday stuff … too boring. But there are the trees!

When we arrived in this charming rural oasis in Surrey, we were impressed by the foliage in the RV park, including thick cedar hedges, carefully shaped shrubs, and a lot of shady oaks and maples. Pruning the trees is obviously a hobby of the owner, and he does spend a lot of time on it.

Spreading trees -- pruned severely

Spreading trees -- pruned severely

The hedges remain, as do the ornamental shrubs. But to our dismay, the owner attacked the oaks and maples and pruned off every branch. The frost would kill Ontario trees stone dead if they were subjected to this treatment, but here in the Vancouver area, they just grow again, and if you do not prune them ruthlessly, the whole area rapidly becomes a rain forest!

Catch 'em before they grow

Catch 'em before they grow

This picture shows the pruned tree in front of a monster that was not pruned, though the owner says he cut off the top half of the big one five years ago, and I think he was mentally sharpening his chain saw as we talked.

Vancouver is great, and the grass is definitely greener, but we are not tempted to live here. The dampness reminds us of Britain, and we find that as it becomes cooler and wetter in BC, our thoughts are turning to the drier, but perhaps browner Sonoran deserts of Arizona and their big saguaro cacti, and the Chihuahuan deserts of West Texas.

We both hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving, and did not suffer too much from excess turkey. Believe it was even rougher for the turkey! Since cooking a big bird in a small RV oven is impossible, we settled for a thick and juicy chicken breast from the excellent butcher, Guildford Meats, just down the road. An superb rub and marinade by Elaine, and some careful grilling on my little gas barbecue. Cranberry sauce of course … grown in this area of BC. Delicious!

Our delayed family get together is planned for about 10 days from now, so please do not feel sorry for us – as if you would!


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One Response to October 11,12,13: Nothing Exciting, but Some Tree Tales

  1. Vi says:

    Well I do hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.You sure are getting around.You are seeing lots of places that you don’t see just driving by.I deffinately like the Island better than Vancouver but you have shared places with us that I did not see before. You are going to be great Vancouverites.. ha..ha…This trip has been just what I needed. Thanks for the trip………….Vi

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