October 10: Winds of Heaven

Yesterday I saw a review in the Globe and Mail for a film about Emily Carr: Winds of Heaven.    Then I saw it was actually the premiere, and this was at the Vancouver International Film Festival, and sold out.   Elaine has a special interest in Emily Carr, so I dug deeper and found tickets for 4.p.m. today.

So … church in Langley in the morning, and a bus and sky train expedition to the heart of Vancouver in the afternoon.   I enjoyed the documentary, particularly since it was well made, but this was a film specially for Elaine, so here are her impressions:

 This was indeed a treat.  We picked up the tickets and lined up with the artsy types on downtown Granville Street.  The large screening room was an actual movie house and almost full.  The excellent film focused on Emily Carr’s life, warts and all, and her struggle for recognition by the arts community, and even her own family.   The visuals were spectacular on the big screen, and the historical record, illustrated by archive footage, was fascinating.

 At the end of the film, director and producer Michael Ostroff was there in person and answered questions from the audience.  He explained that film making was not an inexpensive endeavour, and the difficulties of raising money for arts ventures.  We noticed the TVO credit at the end, among others, so there is a chance for you to see this impressive film about an excellent Canadian artist.

Michael also said that building a replica of Emily Carr’s “caravan” was tricky, but we were pleased to see that she was a pioneer of this life style!

 When we came out of the theatre in the early evening, the street people were out with their shopping carts and large dogs, including some pit bulls!   Buskers were entertaining, with amplification, along with crowds lining up for the next film.   A lively street scene, but a little “edgy”.


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2 Responses to October 10: Winds of Heaven

  1. Michael Ostroff says:

    So pleased that you got to see the film and enjoyed it. Yes your Ontario friends will have a chance to see the film on TVO and at various art galleries. very best, Michael Ostroff

  2. Winds of Heaven will be on Bravo! on Jan. 30 most likely. It was commissioned as part of our biography series. Thanks for your kind words. Tell your friends!

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