September 30: Surprising Gems in Surrey, BC

One of those necessary “resting days” … laundry, shopping, fix the leaks, and catch up with the blog!

 But we did manage a good walk in the beautiful Tynehead Park across the street.  Snaking through it is the Serpentine River, which winds its way down to the ocean in Delta.   This is a salmon river, although we did not actually see any.   There is also a salmon hatchery, which was closed when we arrived, so we may re-visit this another day.   The idea is to add to the salmon runs of the future.  A Great Blue Heron had other ideas as he wandered down the creek and ate his dinner!

 Resting for a while on a bench, the wildlife gathered around, including a small garter snake and a bushy Western Squirrel.  Then a splendid gleaming cobalt blue bird with black head and crest.  This we later identified as a Steller’s Jay, which we had never seen before.   There are also apparently a lot of owls and mink in the park, but we will have to seek them out later.

 A gem from the supermarket.  An incredible delay caused by a bottle of mayonnaise.  Apparently the bar codes were bad, and nobody could locate a jar with the good codes.   Next in line to me was a woman obviously from India.  We both lamented a world that was controlled by impersonal computers, and then she said: “… but look here … we are waiting with much patience in this wonderful country of Canada.  In Delhi, this delay would cause a riot!”

A spell of wonderful warm, sunny weather, which the tourist guides assure you is the normal condition for Southern BC!!


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