September 29 – The Sunshine Coast and Molly’s Reach

Gibson's - Sunshine Coast

Gibson's - Sunshine Coast

A memorable day, starting with what Elaine described as “the most thrilling bus journey she had ever experienced.”   It was the express “service bus” from Vancouver – one of those articulated monsters.  Through Stanley Park and across the Lion’s Gate Bridge.  Again we zoomed along the bus lanes, leaving frustrated car drivers behind!   Then we hit the Trans Canada Highway, and barreled along at 110Kph or so, making no concessions to corners or grades … eventually down the switchback into Horseshoe Bay, right to the ferry dock. 

Molly's Reach (Gibson's)
Molly’s Reach (Gibson’s)

You have to be old enough to have seen “The Beachcombers” TV series to really appreciate Gibson’s … re-named Molly’s Reach for the programs.  Bruno Gerussi and the TV series may be gone, but the beauty remains.

Although technically part of the mainland, it is reached by BC Ferry from Horseshoe Bay … another picturesque spot in West Vancouver.  


Langdale, Near Gibson's
Langdale, Near Gibson’s

These ferries are part of the “day-out”.  Sitting in the front and watching the mountains and islands pass by … this time in brilliant sunshine.  We shared this with three classes of elementary school children (many French immersion!) whose delight at the adventure paralleled ours.   Another bus from the ferry at Langdale down to Secheldt, for an interesting look around.  Back to Gibson’s on another bus, and there we were in the classic harbour rivaling Peggy’s Cove and Bedford, Massachusetts for sheer charm and beauty.   Elaine saw her sea-otter (after 5000Km or so!), and we were fascinated by a recluse who had built a wonderful garden on his houseboats.
I do not usually rattle on here about food (and I can!), but we behaved like tourists and ate at Gramma’s Pub, opposite the more famous café featured on TV.    Fried oysters, crab cakes, fried yam “chips” and a Caesar salad.  All very good, but the main feature was the view over the harbour and the magnificent inlet  To cap it off, it was a “sports bar” and had a wide-screen showing the Blue Jays trouncing the Yankees.
Home via the scenic route to Langdale, and another dramatic sunset cruise on the ferry.   Just when we thought the excitement was finished, we caught the “slow bus” back to Vancouver.  Slow?  It thundered down the Marine Drive in the pitch dark, and was reminiscent of those Monte Carlo Grand Prix films.

  Yes … we had a GOOD DAY!!



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