September 27: Housekeeping and Showers

There are some days when the rain falls, and it is best to stay “home”.  In any case, the laundry has to be done, there’s a blog to write, and endless small tasks to keep the ol’ bucket-o’-bolts liveable!   The BC floods are north of here, but there has been a fair amount of water falling here in Surrey.

Of course there are always people to chat with.  Next door is a guy whose hobby is figs.   Not eating them … studying and cataloging them.  Who knew that there were hundreds of varieties of figs.   Then there are the couple from Kitchener have sold their house and are “on the road” too:  many tall tales have been told, but Elaine makes me moderate my own.

 Better weather in the forecast, so we will likely be out and about tomorrow.   The main thing is that we are still having fun!


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