September 26: White Rock, BC – Not As Advertised

Being Sunday, we researched Anglican churches in the area.   One or two did not publish their service times … or at least, we could not find this information on their web-sites.  Tut tut!

One that did have all the information was in White Rock, way south of Vancouver on the US border.  Since we wanted to visit White Rock anyway, we headed down the seriously long 152nd Street, and saw some more of the area.   Between Surrey and White Rock is part of the “delta”, where past Fraser River floods have left rich soil, and an area of intensive market gardening and nurseries. 

Fiona had told me that White Rock was flat, but either she was misinformed, or I did not have my hearing aid turned up.  One hill was so steep that I thought low gear was prudent for the descent!   At the lower end is the ocean (well, really, the sea would not likely be at the top of the hill, eh?).   A pleasant sea-front with, in sequence, the touristy stores, marine drive, car parking (for a fee!), pedestrian promenade, a railway (with dire warnings: “Trains do not Whistle”), the beach, and then the sea.   Beautiful islands, and all-in-all, a pleasant spot.  The well-attended Church of the Holy Trinity was friendly and welcoming, but of course had the “modern service”, with tunes that were unsingable.

The weather was kinda dull, so no pictures.  The White Rock website has some, and yes, Fiona, it is not flat!!


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