September 23: Fish and unknown foods

Having nailed down the necessities at the Canadian Super Store and the BC Liquor Store, we ventured into the T & T Supermarket.   On the way in we passed their food court, which differed from the regular ones, since it was entirely oriental.   Darn it, lunch time again, and the Korean special was only $5.50 for three selections.  Delicious!

Finally we got into the store itself, and, like the food court, it was immaculate. 

Elaine’s impressions:

A huge array of unfamiliar foods, as well as some that we did recognize.  The produce section had many strange and exotic fruits and vegetables, as well as figs, which are one of our favourites!   But the fish section was exceptional … a combination of the Chinese love of all things from the sea, and Pacific bounty.  An eclectic variety from live octopus to frozen Australian abalone – the latter at an astronomic price!

The run of salmon on the Fraser River was exceptional this year, and there was a large array of sockeye, coho and other varieties at good prices.  Besides the octopi, large tanks held lobsters, crabs, oysters, clams, mussels and more.  We will definitely return.

We bought a whole Milk Fish, and an obliging young man gave it a thorough clean and descaling.   Under our necessary awning we cooked it on the barbecue.  Delicious.


What can I add?   This is all becoming too “weighty” a subject!    


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3 Responses to September 23: Fish and unknown foods

  1. johndytam says:

    Sian: I didn’t know there was a T & T store near Toronto. Will have to check that out when we return to the area. The fish (and shellfish) here is quite incredible, but of course the Pacific Ocean is only an hour or so away!

    Vi: The milk fish was excellent — never had it before. Like all ex-Brits, we are a bit “fishy”. After all, in Britain you are NEVER more than a couple of hours from the ocean.

  2. Sian Meikle says:

    T&T north of Toronto has some fairly fabulous fish too (though not to compare to Pacific bounty, sadly) — but something to check out when you wend your way home again…

  3. Vi says:

    It sounds like you hit a gold mine in that store. The seafood sounds fantastic.Did you enjoy your milk fish…….Vi

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