September 22: Vancouver downtown and North Vancouver

Sea Bus from North Vancouver

Sea Bus from North Vancouver

Another trip to Vancouver on the amazing Skytrain.  Sitting in the front is like a roller coaster … up, up, up … and down the other side and round the bends.   No driver, and scary at first.   Right to the waterfront, and then on the Sea Bus to North Vancouver.   An amazing array of ships, ferries, planes, helicopters and even the odd sail boat on Burrard Inlet.  The sun shone, and we had lunch outside in yet another sushi restaurant.

Inside the Sea Bus terminal is an owl that scowls down on the boats.   Pigeons, or perhaps cormorants, are hopefully deterred from bothering the passengers (and spoiling the view through the windows).  The cormorants sit on the roof instead, while the pigeons mooch from the restaurant patrons.

Cormorants at North Vancouver Ferry Terminal

Cormorants at North Vancouver Ferry Terminal

The “senior rate day pass” includes all the buses, Skytrain and the sea bus, and this beats fighting the traffic and parking.  Another bus along Marine Drive in North Vancouver to Park Royal.  Then on to a bus across the Lions Gate Bridge, and an example of democracy in action:  the cars were all inching along, whereas we sailed through in the bus-only lane!  

Wonderful view from the bridge, and then a drive through Stanley Park, which is, of course on our list of places to visit on foot on the next sunny day.  (Should be one or two more in the next three weeks remaining here!).

A brief look at downtown Vancouver, but we do plan another and more lengthy visit … on one of those elusive sunny days.

Elaine says that she feels that she is “living here” now, albeit only for a month.  Neither of us are tempted to make it permanent, since it really is damp!!


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