September 24: After 6,500 km, a day at ‘home’

We were going wandering again today, but it is supposed to be better weather tomorrow, so we are staying ‘home’.   The trailer really does feel like a home now, especially as we are settled in one spot for a while.  

We are taking the opportunity to catch up on some necessary tasks, including minor repairs that are inevitable when you shake a trailer about so much.   We have traveled about 6,500 km since leaving the Fergus/Elora area and this does tend to loosen a few screws and bolts.  Elaine finds these when she vacuums, and I have to determine where they fell from.

I will also take this opportunity to thank those who have commented on these ramblings, mostly favourably!!  It is difficult to reply to blog “comments”, because of limitations on our wi-fi connections, and I can only assume that the Ohio-girl is Julie!   If you have anything that requires a reply, it is best to send to email us. [Louise adds: I haven’t published mom and dad’s email addresses to save them from spam.  If you don’t know their email address, do leave a comment as I will be monitoring comments when they are offline] 

Just a few general answers here.

We are not including a lot of pictures of pure scenery.  You can view these on the websites for the areas concerned, and their pictures are likely much better than ours.  We merely include some scenes to try and capture the flavour, and, I guess, to prove that we were actually there!   This also applies to lengthy descriptions of places.  Louise has added a few links, and in any event you can Google the places and dig up all kinds of detail if you want.

There is a tendency to “rant” in blogs, and impose personal opinions that give rise to violent reactions and hostility, quite apart from being excessively boring.   I do not promise to avoid rants entirely, but will try to minimize them.  (Elaine never rants!!)

As for quirky things … the West Coast is full of them!  Many of the people on this RV Park are “permanent” and some of them are definitely odd.   

I was passing the “exercise room” just now, resisting the temptation to go inside, especially since the treadmill was being used.   The woman was holding the leash and her small dog was running on the belt at a fairly good trot.   I tried to photograph this strange phenomenon, but as soon as I appeared, the dog was distracted and fell off the back.   No harm done to dog or machine, and it happily resumed the exercise once I had gone outside.

One also meets some fairly strange characters on public transit.   Whether these are actually stranger than those on the Toronto Subway is arguable.   So far we have not had any “bad experiences” … in fact quite the reverse.  Across Canada everyone has been most helpful, though many sympathize because we come from Ontario.

Here in BC, it is still raining!


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