September 19 – Surprising Surrey, BC

Initial reaction to Surrey was a little negative.  Amplified by the traffic, road works, and general suburban nature of the place.   But this is a very pleasant RV Park, with some amiable long-term residents, and an owner who “runs a tight ship”.

Across the road is Tynehead Regional Park, with wonderful walking trails in thick woods with some huge trees.  We wandered there today, and next time we will take the camera to see if we can capture the flavour of the place.  There is a salmon creek and a salmon hatchery, and it is almost a rain-forest with its moss and ferns.

A different aspect is the abundance of ethnic stores and restaurants in the immediate area.  Needing a hose washer I drove a couple of blocks to “The Mall”.  Failed with the washer, but noticed a large supermarket on the other side of the road.  Needing milk I wandered in and found an absolutely amazing variety of ethnic foods … mainly Chinese, but many others. 

Crab under the awning in the Vancouver rain

Crab under the awning in the Vancouver rain

My well-honed instincts took me to the fish end, and I was agog at the variety of marine life.  Live lobster of course, but also live octopus, oysters, clams, and Dungeness crabs.   When I returned I presented the package to Elaine with the warning to open it carefully.  Two live Dungeness crabs, and we are about to cook them!

Caught up on the mail and phone calls, and agreed that this was another “good day”, in spite of the showers.


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