September 17: Vancouver and Granville Island

John and Elaine on Granville Island

John and Elaine on Granville Island

Magic.  A couple of hundred yards away from our campground is a “Park and Ride” lot, and no charge.  Walk across the road and catch a bus to “Surrey Centre”. 

As mentioned, the transit system is incomprehensible, but the advantage of buses is that there is a plethora of folk willing to help.  One old lady tried to explain the “zone system”, though she basically said: “Don’t worry about it … if they catch you, tell them you are from out of town!”  Being honest folk we attacked the machine in the Skylink station, in vain.  Another chap helped, but he failed too.  Then an someone who appeared to be from India came by, and said, “Here … I have two free day passes … that’s all you need.”  So it proved.

Vancouver waterfront - serious trains

Vancouver waterfront - serious trains

So we climbed on the train (with no driver) and were treated to a high-level view of the area, including the Fraser River (lots of rafts made of logs), and the sun shone on the snow-capped mountains.  

As is my custom, I got talking to a fellow passenger: a young woman who proved to be a student from Taiwan.  She was going to Granville Island, so we did too, with her as our guide.  After all, we were only capturing the flavour of the place anyway, and Granville Island was on our list of places to visit.

Our charming guide

Our charming guide

Fascinating, and an eclectic mixture of tourist stuff, yacht folk, food market, and buskers.  The latter proved our undoing.  Elaine wanted to shop, and I needed the washroom, so we agreed to meet “where the music was”.  I sat and listened to the music, and then a comedy act that was first class.  

After an hour or so, I started to worry.  Where was Elaine?   So I wandered a bit, and found there was another busking spot.  Aha … but still no Elaine.  I started to imagine that her purse had been snatched and she was being questioned by the police.  I even asked a passing policeman if there had been any “incidents” in the area.  No.

Meanwhile, Elaine had found yet a third busking spot, and after listening to the music, became seriously concerned about me!  (Quite touching really … nice to know someone cares!).  She imagined I had been struck down by something, and the security guys sent out a team to scour the area.  Fortunately my hat is a little distinctive.  Finally, they found me, and we were reunited.  Having learned from this, we are making better arrangements to “stay in touch”.

But the lunch was good … fish and chips with the odd fried oyster and shrimp, and we wandered back to our temporary home via buses and trains as if we had been born in the town.

So … False Creek … sort of the Pacific, but not yet English Bay and the beaches, which are still to come.  Nice weather today, but rain in the forecast.   It was an interesting day!


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One Response to September 17: Vancouver and Granville Island

  1. vi says:

    Goodmorning and you seem to have fit in nicely. There sure is lots to see from the skytrain and you will enjoy. I like Granville Island to roam. and just sit and watch and drink coffee. See you in the next post….Vi

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