Sept. 18 – Drains, and the Guildford Mall, Surrey, BC

Whoever designs RV Parks lacks insight … or, as one local guy observed … the designer has never actually been in a motor home or trailer.  

One does become obsessed by drains in this lifestyle.  The things you take for granted in a house become more significant when you are “on the road”.  At this site, they placed the drain a good thirty feet away from the valves on the trailer.   Since we have twenty feet of hose, this meant a trip to find more, plus a connector, etc.

A simple trip to Wal-Mart should do it, but then Elaine decided to come along, and we ended up not just in Wal-Mart, but the big Guildford Mall.  This is like malls in Toronto and many other places, though on the larger side of average.   The most striking thing is the amazing ethnic diversity in this area of “Greater Vancouver”.   Similar to some areas of Toronto, but definitely different from small towns in Ontario!   One wonders why the security seems to be mainly Sikhs!

We found everything we needed, and Elaine found the jacket she has been seeking for the last 4,000 Km.  A Grade-A butcher tempted us, and we bought what proved to be the best chicken we had tasted for a while.  But we resisted buying the oh-so-unhealthy bacon.  This until another customer (with horns and tail) told us that she had come all the way from Chilliwack specially for the bacon.   We limited ourselves to half a pound!

The drains finally did their draining thing, and we are now established as semi-residents in this unassuming but quiet RV park.   Tomorrow we will venture further afield.


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2 Responses to Sept. 18 – Drains, and the Guildford Mall, Surrey, BC

  1. john says:

    This is in reply to Vi, and to others who are crazy enough to follow us, and comment!

    The problem of lack of “facilities” on the Skytrain has affected me on occasions. Then the Safeway Men’s room at the Surrey Central station had a blockage, and finally Starbucks won … my heavens, isn’t their coffee expensive!

    The blog is lagging behind, since Louise is putting it together, but she has been busy. We are both going to make a determined effort this week, so stay tuned.

    Hi to Tori … You must be Louise’s neighbour.

    Finally, thanks to Sian, who made positive comments about my “golden mantled ground squirrel.” Not only was it cute, in nearly cost me a broken leg to photograph it, and, considering our camera was well under a thousand dollars, I was kinda proud of that picture. Louise merely said:
    “Good squirrel. Nice squirrel. Heck – it’s just a squirrel!”

    Still in the Vancouver area, and still happy and well

    John and Elaine

  2. Vi says:

    I hope you enjoy your seafood products. Trapper sent me home this weekend some halibut that he caught off port Alice on north vancouver island,Laurs’s sister was there and brought it home. off course Trapper and the Indians smoke it .but I love it.You will surely enjoy the fish there. sounds like you could both write a book when you get back in the spring. take care and enjoy your day. Jim says to say hi. ….Vi

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