September 16: Surrey, near Vancouver

We still haven’t  dipped our toes in the Pacific.  This is largely because today we moved to another site on this well-kept campground … but … booked for a month.   Not the most scenic campground in the world, but OK … and very functional.  Near shopping, and the SkyTrain to Vancouver, which we plan to take tomorrow.
Surrey is a massive sprawling subdivision, with all kinds of ethnic groups.  Not all bad, since they have excellent restaurants … Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian … quite different from Alberta and the ubiquitous meat-loaf!  We negotiated a good price for a month here, and settled in.  Elaine is impressed by the quality of the gardening, and the fact that each campsite is surrounded by thick cedar hedges, giving an illusion of privacy.

The transit system is almost totally incomprehensible, and we speak English!  Must be a mystery to new immigrants!  But we found a train station (unmanned), and every so often trains arrive (also unmanned) and these are alleged to go to “downtown Vancouver”.  Tomorrow we will put this to the test.


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One Response to September 16: Surrey, near Vancouver

  1. Vi says:

    Well you are now in Vancouver. I hope you take in some trips on the sky train. The thing Jim didn’t like about them is …no toilets…you have to get off at a stop to run for them.. but fun riding all the same . Take care and enjoy…..Vi

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