September 15: The Fraser Canyon, Hell’s Gate, and Vancouver

Elaine at the Fraser Canyon

Elaine at the Fraser Canyon

We finally left the desert sunshine of Cache Creek, and headed south down the Fraser Canyon.  Challenging driving, and signs warning of everything from big horn sheep to deer (none of which we saw!).  Also a sign that was new to us: “Tunnel … Remove Sunglasses”.  

Elaine scanned the banks of the river for bears fishing, but no luck … they actually do this mainly in the spring.   In the fall they wander around campgrounds looking for berries, though again we did not see any.

Fraser Canyon Hell's Gate Tramway

Fraser Canyon Hell's Gate Tramway

The canyon is impressive, from top to bottom, but especially at Hell’s Gate, where they have an expensive aerial tramway across the river.  This looked exceptionally dangerous, so we did not indulge.  

Finally, the canyon widens, as does the river, and suddenly we were in suburbia, reaching way out from Vancouver.  Found a functional campsite in Surrey, and we will weigh up our next move (or lack of one) tomorrow.  There was a really scenic site much nearer to Vancouver, but they wanted a King’s Ransom for a site there!  

The driving was demanding, and we were both tired when we negotiated the final batch of road works and pulled in for the night.  Meanwhile we congratulate ourselves on having reached the Greater Vancouver area, without damaging ourselves, the truck, or the trailer.  Some challenges remain, including removing the Alberta mud from the trailer.   Tomorrow, or perhaps the next day, we will dip our fingers or toes in the Pacific.

Off now to research Chinese restauramts.  It is, of course, raining!


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