September 8: Mountains lost in the clouds

Clouds on the mountains

Clouds on the mountains

Out of Drumheller, and ready for the Rockies. Aha … solid cloud and drizzle, but maybe it will improve.

Took Highway 9 to Calgary, which proved to be a bad decision. They dug up about 25 km, and made a sort of temporary road, which might have worked in dry weather.

But it rained, and the road guys gave up and went home. We nearly did too. It took 4-wheel drive and some painful driving to reach the next intersection, which we took … we didn’t care where it went. Behind us was another guy who looked to be stuck. We will check the news to see what unfolded later.

The rain in Calgary cleaned off some of the mud, and we are now in Canmore. Beautiful spot, with views of the mountains. All we get through the clouds are glimpses, and the snowline seems to be a couple of thousand feet higher than here. At last the wi-fi works and we can update the website.

The heaters are working, and since it is just above freezing, the pipes are likely OK. We can go outside to see the mountains, if the cloud clears.

Can’t see the mountains from inside because of the mud on the windows. I did tell Elaine when she cleaned them yesterday that they would only get dirty again.


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