September 5: Dinosaur bones

Atlas Coal Mine - Last wooden tipple

Atlas Coal Mine - Last wooden tipple

Drumheller Alberta is impressive. 

 The heart of the Alberta Badlands. 

Valleys of sedimentary rock veined with coal … now usurped by oil and gas.

This is also the home of the dinosaurs, or rather their fossils. 

But the town boasts the “largest dinosaur”, which is a major tourist attraction.

Elaine with Drumheller Dinosaur and our truck

Elaine with Drumheller Dinosaur and our truck

John with Drumheller Dinosour

John with Drumheller Dinosour

Hoodoos are the thing here … little pillars of eroded rock, topped by a piece of sandstone that did not erode as much.  We stayed in the Hoodoo campground, which was excellent.  So much so we decided to stay an extra day and explore the dinosaur fossils and other attractions further.

My pride took a beating here.  Backing in to the camp site I bungled it badly and after two tries I was a “point of interest” for the neighbours.  One came over and offered to park the trailer for me, but even he took two tries to get it right.  I would have been even more humbled had he not been a driver for Timbr-Mart, and obviously had a lot of practice.

Cold and wet, but the locals claim that normally it is a “dry heat” here.   This equates to the “dry cold” that happens in winter, but hopefully we will not have to witness that.

Still plagued by communications problems and a lack of wi-fi.  Now we find the pay-phones lack a card access, so our Bell card with its picture of cheerful beavers will likely not work again until Spring when we return to Ontario.  Nobody has even heard of Rogers.


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