September 3: Qu’Appelle Valley and buffalo in Moose Jaw

Wolesly Saskatchewan - Real grain elevator

Wolesly Saskatchewan - Real grain elevator

Flat prairies, but some rolling hills.  Elaine says the prairies  are fascinating, from the endless fields of grain to the magnificent skies. 

At last the wind has dropped, and the skies are living up to the tourist literature. 

Stopped off in the  little town of Wolseley, where folk still greet you in the street  with a smile (like Elora!).

Wolesly Saskatchewan - Suspension Bridge plaque

Wolesly Saskatchewan - Suspension Bridge plaque

Wolesly  - Elaine on Suspension Bridge

Wolesly - Elaine on Suspension Bridge

Really a typical Saskatchewan town, with a grain elevator and the Canadian Pacific railway.  The gas station guy was straight out of Corner Gas, and a lot more helpful than Canadian Tire.

Normally we stay on main roads, but were seduced to the Qu’Appelle Valley, largely because friend Bill in Elora said we should.   So we took a right at Indian Head and sure enough, the valley is impressive.  The snag (there is always at least one) is that the road around the lake was incredibly bumpy, imperiling our well-abused trailer even further.  Eventually we ended up in Fort Qu’Apelle, which seemed to be minus a fort … but beautiful anyway.

Shopping is an unfortunate necessity, and Regina proved excellent, with an impressive array of the usual outlets.  At last we found some seaweed strips, so Elaine can make some more sushi. 

On to Moose Jaw, where the flat plains suddenly turn into rolling hills.  An area north of Moose Jaw has been turned back to its original prairie grass, and there is a herd of buffalo.  So of course we had to go to the Buffalo Pound Provincial Park.  Another dreadful piece of road!   We chose a non-electrical site, and have most of this to ourselves, apart from some deer. Trees, low hills, and a lake.  Wonderful!   Naturally we have not seen any buffalo, but maybe tomorrow?

Should you be tempted to visit this park, be aware that the buffalo may be elusive, but the mosquitoes are not.


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2 Responses to September 3: Qu’Appelle Valley and buffalo in Moose Jaw

  1. Peter says:

    Thank you, John and Elaine, informative, educational and fun, just what one might expect from you two! We’re off to Italy on Friday with three legs between us! We won’t know if we can manage it until we try! We work on the principle of a fellow student of mine (1957-60), ‘Fainheart never f…ed a pig!’

    Take care and good luck, I’ll be following your exploits!


    • john says:


      Italy anyway … amazing. It just shows that three legs are better than two.

      From this I gather that Renate is a mite better … albeit seriously short physically. I hope she continues to improve. We remain healthy … or at least … as good as one can expect at our age.

      By the way, since comments are published and we have a “family audience”, Louise (our trusty editor and blog-master) edited your comment a bit!

      Must go … endless demand for boring stuff, and I have to stay ahead of Louise. Actually, she is still somewhere in the mountains, but has many good reasons for being busy! No doubt she will be working on the blog again when she returns from the Guide Camp that occupied her this weekend.


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