September 2: Escaped the rain and headed west

Today was a day of big winds, big skies and flat prairie.

Up to now I have not mentioned miles-per-gallon, or liters per hundred kilometers.  If you cannot afford the gas (petrol), then stay home and brood.   But today I did notice a bit.  Filled up in Winnipeg, and barely made it to Brandon, Manitoba, which is really “just down the road”.   The wind blew right ahead of us, and was probably about 80 kph.  We ran in third gear, and only just kept pace with the traffic.  But we made it on fumes into the gas station in Brandon.

Now we are in Saskatchewan … and found a nice RV-park for an overnight.   We gained another hour, since Saskatchewan refuses to move to “daylight saving time” … an assertion of independence which I applaud.

The prairies have to be experienced.  Big skies, big fields, and unbelievable straight roads with a speed limit of 110 kph.  (Not that we could reach that against the prairie wind!).

The weather has improved, but it is COOL, and a harbinger of worse to come.  Our current ambition is to get through the Rocky Mountains before the snow.  May make it yet.


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