September 1: Visit to Gretna and Serious rain

Winnipeg - Is this a picnic or what
Winnipeg – Is this a picnic or what?

I thought that the Red River Valley only flooded after the Spring thaw.   If the rain keeps up, there could be a Fall flood this year.  Mighty thunderstorms, sheets of rain, and the campground is partly under water.  

Bill and Dana

Bill and Dana

We are OK, and had a visit with our friends, Judy, Bill, Dana, Sam and Avery in Gretna on the US border.   Bill did our website and shipping for our linen business, and the woman at Gretna post office knew us well!   The rain did not actually bother me much, since Elaine drove through the worst of it!   



A very pleasant visit and lunch, and pleased to see Judy looking so well.   

There are an amazing number and variety of dogs in RV-land, and a constant battle between campground owners and guests on the stoop-and-scoop issue.  Here they are warring over dogs in the washrooms.  $200 reward for informers.  I thought of sitting there for a while and seeing if I could catch a miscreant.   

One of our camp neighbours had a dog as large as a bear, and I asked if it was friendly.   Reassured by the owner, I tried to reach up to fondle its ears.  It backed off and looked distinctly unfriendly.   

“Ah yes,” said the owner, “dat’s because it only speaks French.  We are from Montreal.”   

Dubious about that, I gave it a try: “Tu est gentil, petit chien, eh?”   

It wagged its tail and nuzzled me as a new friend.   

Bill's friendly Akita

Bill's friendly Akita

Bill and Dana have a large dog … an Akita.  It too seemed cool to newcomers at first, but I was stumped, since these are Japanese dogs, and the only words I know are sushi and tempura.   

OK … enough about dogs.    

Winnipeg - sunset after the storm

Winnipeg - sunset after the storm

We did have some sunshine this morning, and wonderful prairie skies.  Then the storms, and actually some spectacular clouds and lightning.  No tornados so far.   

Not sure about tomorrow … depends on the rain and availability of boats.   


Winnipeg - sunset on the campground

Winnipeg - sunset on the campground

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