August 28: Kakabeka Falls mishap.

Elaine with Metis actor

Elaine with Metis actor

Not to be missed in Thunder Bay is the Fort William Heritage Park.  

Although a replica of the original, the whole place is extremely well done.  Complete with music and dancing.  Elaine was “roped in” and thoroughly enjoyed it.

On to the next “obligatory” stop –Kakabeka Falls, which they claim are second only to Niagara.  In fairness, I think this is in wet weather, when the hydro dam upstream lets a flood of water loose.  But …  beautiful.

Elaine at Kakabeka Falls

Elaine at Kakabeka Falls

Up to this point, we had escaped major problems, but that was before Elaine popped in to the Kakabeka Falls “market” for some grocery essentials, while I lingered in the big parking lot next door.

The wait was interminable, and I prepared lines like “Did they grow the sugar cane, or what?”  Finally she emerged from the store and then went straight into the trailer.   My line fell flat, as, obviously shaken, she said she had an accident.

“I bought a few things, and put them in their old basket,” she said, “but the basket had a hole in it, and a bottle fell  through and broke on the cement floor.   It was the olive oil, and when I stepped in it, I fell on my behind.”

Elaine’s pants and purse were well-oiled, but fortunately she did not need transport to Thunder Bay hospital with glass impaled in her backside.   There seemed to be no other damage, but I did suggest we could have hit the negligent market for a few bucks for cleaning, etc.  Later she found a bruised wrist, but this seems OK now.   I think the store got off lightly … after all, I could have been a lawyer.

Amazingly, we managed a few more kilometers to the west and stayed overnight in Quetico Provincial Park.


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One Response to August 28: Kakabeka Falls mishap.

  1. Louise says:

    My memories of Kakabeka Falls, 1984: overnight in a tent in the rain, a cold shower in the company of killer mosquitoes in the solar heated showers (the sun hadn’t been out for a while). But the falls were beautiful in the mist. Louise

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