August 27: Ouimet Canyon detour

As you negotiate the North shore of Lake Superior, the scenery just continues to astound, but we were told by a local chap that Ouimet Canyon was a “must”, though he did warn that it was a “few kilometers” off the Trans-Canada Highway.

“Is there room to turn a trailer round when you get there?” I asked.  “Sure … big parking lot … no problem.”

Ouimet Canyon

Ouimet Canyon

So we trundled interminably up a road badly needing repair, until we came to a sign: “WARNING – winding road – unhook your trailer here.”   Hummm.   For those not familiar with the process, suffice to say that it is “non-trivial”.  But as Elaine observed: “We have come this far, we might as well.”

In fairness, Ouimet Canyon, at 1,000 feet deep, is more than Elora Gorge, though a bit stark.  The view down the canyon to Lake Superior is impressive, and, on the whole, we were glad we made the effort.

Chippewa Campground

Chippewa Campground

Finally we reached Thunder Bay, and a rather strange camp-ground called “Chippewa” just down the road from the enormous Abitibi-Bowater paper mill.


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2 Responses to August 27: Ouimet Canyon detour

  1. Finally between lighting the oven to bake baguettes and moving Candice and Harley’s car for the truck arriving with 90 huge bales of insulation and wrapping Gary’s birthday gifts…. I am looking at the blog updates of beautiful Alberta.

    Yes it reminds me of our trip Louise. Now I wish we had stopped at the HOODOOS!
    Beau just drove back from BC in a 1983 Volvo (can you imagine?). It rained the entire way and he and friend Tara slept in the back with a black cat named Bellamous and the required kitty litter!!!! I would rather ride in style with you two and the Wild Cat.

  2. Louise says:

    I remember Ouimet Canyon from my trip with Fiona in 1984. I recall the winter cold air wafting up from the canyon bottom in May, and reading that snow sometimes never melts through the summer at the bottom. Did you see the Indian (rock)?

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