August 25: North of Superior.

Wawa Goose

Wawa Goose

After an obligatory stop in Wawa to photograph the famous goose, we pulled into Neys Provincial Park.  

The pleasant young woman in the office let us drive around to find a good site, and we did.  So good in fact we booked for two nights … right on the beach.

Rocky north shore of Lake Superior

Rocky north shore of Lake Superior

Neys … in fact the whole of the North Superior shore is indescribable.   Of course the “communications people” at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources do their best, and produce prose extolling the natural wonder of it all.  Lawren Harris, and his comrades in the “Group of Seven” captured this unbelievable landscape better.  Their art was never really appreciated outside of Canada, since nobody believed what they were seeing.  

We walked to the tip of the Coldwell Bay peninsula, which Harris painted in 1923.  We did not voyage to Pic Island, just offshore, so have to believe his painting of 1924.

Lake Superior Sunset

Lake Superior Sunset

Anyway … warm sunshine, firm sand, and waves off this incredible inland sea that is Lake Superior.  You will just have to make the journey.  Fair warning – it is a long way!!


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One Response to August 25: North of Superior.

  1. Ohiogirl says:

    That sunset takes my breath away!

    A safe joyous journey to you both!

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