August 21: Waterworks in the Soo

Sault Ste. Marie is an interesting town, and choc-a-block with really small houses.  Finnish immigrants, steel workers, who knows?  Very few apartments, and almost none of those “apartments over stores”.   The relevance is that we could not find a laundromat.

Montreal River Hydro Plant

Montreal River Hydro Plant

So we did some sightseeing.  The locks and river seemed the most promising, and we wandered around some fascinating old engineering and a well kept national museum about it all.  This is where Lake Superior empties into Lake Huron.  Power stations, canals and huge locks for big ships. 

I wanted to see the rapids, so we went on to Whitefish Island in search of them.   Suddenly we entered another world.  Meandering streams, huge beaver dams, ducks and other birds and “another world” under the International Bridge and not far from the Algoma steel works.   Beyond were the rapids, and a view of the big ships working their way into Lake Superior.  An amazing oasis in a sea of modern (and historic) industry.


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