August 19: Lost in Sudbury

Greeted yesterday at the outskirts of Sudbury by a “Welcome Centre” and the usual helpful young woman.   I asked her the best way to get to Fred’s house.

“Oh dear,” she sighed, “you will have to go through town.  The bypass is being repaired.”

“Is the bypass worse than the Sudbury roads?” I asked.

“Oh yes … much worse!”

So we went through town, and predictably, became lost.  To cut a long story short, we ended up on some winding dirt roads, and outstanding scenery.  Unfortunately the back country trails finally led to the bypass.   The young woman was right … it was bumpy as all get out, except where they had a “bump” sign:  then it was like falling into a nickel mine.

Finally found Fred’s place, even though the map was wrong, and had a nice meal out.   Fred does not have strong opinions, much like myself.  Thus we had a great evening. 

He will remember the visit for some time, since he wanted me to turn round on his large back lawn.   We were heavier than he thought, and the ground was softer, but he says the ruts will grow out.


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