August 18: Doing nothing at Killbear

Perhaps one of the most beautiful parks in Ontario was our next stop. Killbear … just north of Parry Sound.  Booked long since, it has become our “recovery spot” after the family activities.  Not very far towards the Pacific, and when someone almost backed their trailer into the side of our little red truck, things could have deteriorated.  Fortunately I knew how train-drivers do it, and let out a horn blast worthy of Canadian Pacific.  

Elaine at Kilbear Provincial Park

The sun is shining, the sand is soft and silvery, Georgian Bay and the islands as magical as ever …  but I had to break off and assemble a barbecue!   Elaine supplied the tranquilizer … an Australian Cabernet.

I have finally “caught up” with these scatter-brain ramblings, and in the last few days, nothing much has happened.  Killbear is absolutely delightful, the weather sunny and warm, and Elaine managed a swim at her favourite beach at Lighthouse Point.   I still feel guilty about “doing little”, but expect I will become accustomed to this.

We miscalculated the milk, and headed out yesterday to find some.  As Yogi Berra once said: “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.”   This led us to “Snug Harbour” which lived up to its name.  The store had milk, and excellent smoked fish, and above was a restaurant.  Lunch seemed inevitable, and the pan-fried lake perch pushed us well off our budget perch.  Definitely an addition to our “back road” gems.

No wi-fi,no cell phone service, and no chance of satellite reception under these majestic oak trees.  But the “Globe and Mail” has a box, and we actually have time to read it.

Must light a fire for our last night at Killbear, and Elaine is waving her magic culinary wand over some seafood.  On to Sudbury tomorrow, and an overnight in the generous driveway of our friends Fred and Deborah.  We are not making much progress to Vancouver and California yet, but we are having fun!!


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