August 15: Goodbyes as if we will be long lost in the Canadian wilderness

The tale really begins when we headed down Church Street on June 22, 2010, leaving our 20-year home in Elora for life as drifters and layabouts.   No rest for the first month or so, since we had to fight the usual battles with utilities, banks and the governments.  Mostly we won, in spite of a dearth of communications facilities.

Campsite at Highland Pines.

Our first stop: Highland Pines

On the bright side, we were at Highland Pines, near Fergus, which proved an excellent “camping spot”.  Alexandra and K. stayed for almost a week, and Louise for a few days.  Some complaints about the beds in the trailer, which I answered by inviting them to stay in tents.  The trailer was suddenly more acceptable.   Alexandra came for her horse camp week, and this seemed to work well.

In among all this we worked at various Elora Festival concerts, but did take some time to wallow in the excellent camp pool.  To keep us from being bored, we reorganized the trailer, since we had just thrown things in as we emptied the house.

We also had a couple of days at Edale: the Eden compound in Big Bay (near Wiarton).   Amazing progress on the “big house” (temple?) since we were last there, but still (to me) a frightening amount of work still to do.  Gary and Fiona were in good spirits, and we ate well.  Beau, Harley and Candice came up, plus about seven friends.   They then headed out across a wildly choppy lake, for a camping trip.   We learned later that they all survived.  Beau has now gone to BC to do some fruit picking.

The annual August “camp-in” at Oastler Lake Provincial Park (near Parry Sound) was long planned, and went ahead.  This is near Parry Sound, and it was as successful as ever. Mainly hot with a warm lake, this spot has the advantage of being on the route to Vancouver, but the railways also know this, and nobody blows their horns as loudly as trains.

Wonderful visits, but the “goodbyes” are getting to us:  there is this air of finality, as if we will be long lost in the Canadian wilderness, never to return!


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2 Responses to August 15: Goodbyes as if we will be long lost in the Canadian wilderness

  1. john says:

    This is just to test this reply business.

    We do have a fixed address – yours (and Fiona’s)!

  2. Louise says:

    It was a little unsettling knowing that you will be away for months with no fixed address. But mainly I am jealous! Louise.

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